Friday, February 17, 2017

Ode for Immigrants Seeking Refuge (From a Person of Privilege)

I wrote this today to express my feelings on what it means, to me, to be an American. We must stand together.

I'm dying
I see those I love, dying
Born on the wrong side
Of an arbitrary line
I leave my homeland,
The dirt I poured my heart into
I flee to America
For safety, for food, for grace

I will do what it takes
I will do what is necessary
I will work non-stop
If it means more for my children
Their lives will be better.
They will have opportunity
They will dare to dream
Don't we all want the same?

Mr. President wants to get richer
Lining his pockets
With the blood of my people
Imprisoning, deporting Americans
Making money off of
Our poor huddled masses
To our government, I say "get ready,"
because we are coming.
We are strong, and we are just.

For my grandchildren and yours, I rise.
We fight civil injustice. 
We, the people.

Megan Beckham

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