Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cake Balls and the Case of the Missing Ring

For as long as I can remember, when I have lost something dear to me, such as my New Kids on the Block technicolor t-shirt, I have baked. Most of the time I would bake these Aggression Cookies, a recipe found in a cookbook I had as a kid. They required you to knead the dough, and pound the dough, and roll the dough, and pretty much beat the dough until it was no longer breathing, thus the name. Well, these cookies became my sieve, and I poured into them all of the precious only to me items I lost over the years, such as my Ace of Base tapes.
I have become only slightly more sophisticated in my emotional baking over the years. I recently lost my 3-stone ring that my husband purchased for me four years ago when he graduated from Marine Corps boot camp (he normally does this-buys me things when it's supposed to be about him). It was, and still would be if I could locate it, my favorite thing in the world, you know, besides my family and stuff. I have searched my house high and low to no avail. The beloved ring is gone. Now, I'm not saying that it won't turn up somewhere in this house, as the three boys do love shiny things. All I'm saying is that I'm done making myself crazy with the search. So, I'm making cake balls to fill the void.
Cake balls are AHmazing. They truly are. There are so many varieties to make, and I've made a few. I've made orange cake balls, classic white cake balls, and red velvet cake balls (OMG GOOD!). Tonight, I am feeling a bit adventurous, and I'm adding a new ball to my bag: German chocolate cake balls, complete with coconut pecan icing and chocolate coating. I'm thinking they will be just as exceptional as the other variations I have tried. I will let you know. Or I won't. You'll see.
As for the recipe: this isn't a cooking blog. Google it.